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Lay/Suho ⇨ sad fairytale au/love song requiem for electricsherlock

“He belongs to fairy tales that I could never be…”

He was too far gone and Yixing knew it. He knew from the beginning that it was stupid to fall in love with a character from a fairytale, but he never expected Snow White to come to life in the form of a short boy with skin as white as snow and lips the color of strawberries. He knew it was impossible, he knew it was crazy, but his heart told him otherwise.

Snow White had come to him through a dream, then in a subway on his way home. Snow White smiled at him and he knew it was useless to fight a battle he already lost. One kiss wouldn’t hurt right? But one kiss was all it took for Yixing to lose his heart to the other boy. He gave up his heart to him from that day on. However, what he didn’t expect was for Snow White to come back to the pages of a book.

“One breath, one touch will be the end of me.

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